GT Industrial

Services Offered

Backflow Preventer Testing

Routine testing of backflow preventers is crucial to the safety to everyone using your water. Richmond and Aiken Counties require all commercial backflow preventers to be tested at least once a year. GT Industrial Inc. is licensed and experienced in backflow preventer testing; we also take responsibility for the related paperwork, both filing your inspection results with the county, as well as providing a copy for your records.

Hygienic Piping / Orbital Welding

GT Industrial Inc. is experienced in the field of sanitary tubing. Our equipment inventory includes an orbital welding machine that produces a superior sanitary weld every time, ensuring your system for FDA approval.

Orbital welding produces smooth, crevice-free welds that maintain uniformity and consistency over thousands of joints. Because crevice-free welds are essential for controlling the growth of microorganisms in hygienic piping systems, orbital welding is an ideal method for joining stainless steel tubing in systems which must be maintained in a clean and/or sterile condition. Thus, orbital welding technology is the accepted joining technology for the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries in the United States.

While GT Industrial Inc. technicians specialize in tube sizes ranging from 0.25 inches to 4.0 inches (the most common tube sizes in pharmaceutical plants and similar industries requiring hygienic piping), our welding specifications are adaptable to any specific client requirements. We employ state-of-the-art tube preparation tools and testing equipment, as well as certified welding operators (per ASME Section IX) to guarantee a quality, safety-oriented fabrication process. Proven project management procedures and experienced, professional trades people allow us to deliver exceptional service, including orbital welding and installation procedures to ASME-BPE Standards, as well as comprehensive weld documentation packages & high quality turnover packages to ensure FDA approval.

Shop and Field Fabrication

GT Industrial Inc provides all types of welding procedures (SMAW, GTAW, and GMAW) for shop and field fabrication projects. We maintain a complete steel fabrication shop locally and can fabricate many items to be field erected at your facility, reducing both cost and downtime in the field. Our field service group is able to install all shop fabricated elements plus structural steel, and mechanical equipment (installation and alignment). We also provide millwright and equipment setting services, including machine maintenance and resolution of vibration problems. Many of our welders are additionally certified to fabricate, install, and repair all piping systems (alloy, steel, plastic, glass, fiberglass, and iron). Most commonly, welding work has been performed on structural steel, tanks, equipment support, structural platforms, walkways, stairs, and ladders, all fabricated according to OSHA standards.

Plant Maintenance

GT Industrial Inc provides 24x7 plant maintenance services, accepting night and weekend projects, and short or long term assignments.

Our services include annual contract maintenance with full-time, on-site personnel (plus support crews for maintenance departments); preventative maintenance programs for equipment; piping repair for air, gas, water and process systems; planned shutdown services and emergency shutdown assistance (with turnkey or supplemental maintenance staff).

We have experience in a diverse range of manufacturing industries such as pigments, cosmetics, inks, and paper, and we specialize in service to the pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries, which must meet or surpass standards for FDA approval.

GT Industrial Inc. operates as onsite partners with our customers, recognizing that we play an important role in each facilitys compliance program. We strive for an accident-free environment in each of the facilities we service.

Shut Downs

GT Industrial Inc. has extensive experience in planned shut downs and emergency outages in the pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, power generation, manufacturing, and food industries. These outages range in manpower requirements from 10 to 50+ men and can be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering all crafts. We provide the following services for plant shut downs:

  • Detailed planning and shutdown schedules
  • Provision of required equipment and special tools
  • Provision of consumables
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Operation observation with special recommendations to client
  • Certified skilled labor and supervisory support